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Appreciate being informed promptly that the ordered item was out of stock, and offering cancellation or substitution. Disappointed the item was not in stock, but alternate bulb has worked well and was received promptly. ... MoreLess

4 Star Rating by highlight on 06/12/2009

All in all I have been very happy with my lights. The only thing I hate and has stopped me from changing my replacement bulb on my fog is all the extra wiring that seems to be there now. With no written directions I am nervous to do this since I have messed up before and cost me more money on harnesses to do the install. ... MoreLess

4 Star Rating by Fritz H on 06/12/2009

great service and product, canot wait to put the lights on my snowmobile. I put the HID lights on and never looked back.

Need a money back guarantee though. ...

5 Star Rating by RatePoint Reviewer on 06/12/2009

Affordable kits. mine has lasted me almost a year with no troubles at all. ... MoreLess

5 Star Rating by Ryan on 06/12/2009

The customer service was great. Very helpful. Ease of ordering online. The lights were exact fitment. I would order from your company in the future. ... MoreLess

5 Star Rating by JimJones on 06/12/2009

This has got to be one of the best bang for the buck HID kits in the market. I didn't even get the slim ballast. It still looks as good as Phillips.

These kits have come a long way. I used to buy 500-600 phillips kits...I don't see the point anymore.

This company is great. There could've been a better installation instructions. ...

4 Star Rating by bom's evo on 06/12/2009

The shiping was fast and the differince I noticed after installing the HID kit was increadable! Best HID kit I have perchased so far! ... MoreLess

5 Star Rating by fastshark86 on 06/12/2009

Very quick with emails back, I had to wait a couple weeks extra because of backorder, but they where quick at letting me know what was going on and very helpful, I would reccommend this company to anyone. ... MoreLess

5 Star Rating by Buddy on 06/12/2009

Customer Service was great and helpful. ... MoreLess

4 Star Rating by TW on 06/12/2009

My purchase was low beams and fog lights 6000k and they turned out wonderful they all match and installation was decent only thing that bugged me was the instructions were a little cloudy because of wording but other than that everything was great, thanks alot Intense HID ... MoreLess

5 Star Rating by Parker on 06/12/2009